On the Edge of Ruin

Amongst the Loa

Soulless Marauders

Having located the origin of the superspace transmissions, the heroes geared up to investigate the source. Upon jumping, they were immediately mired in a corrupt swamp, and accosted by Papa Legba, who explained the situation. During one of his rituals, Batiste had managed to tear a small rift in Superspace, allowing an army of soulless marauders through. The Loa were powerless against these creatures, and several of the more prominent members were captured.

Setting off towards the source of the corruption, the heroes encountered a crocodile which had been corrupted by the soulless affliction. Saysha was nearly killed by the beast, but the infection proved too much for her, and she succumbed to her injuries under the care of Papa Legba.

Before long, the heroes located the captured Loa, under guard by a large number of Soulless creatures. Through precise administration of a rocket-propelled-grenade, Sven decimated their numbers, while Thomas Willard ran towards the captive Loa, freeing Agwe from his bonds, and helping to turn the tide of battle.

The Loa rescued, and the rifts sealed, things returned to normal in their world. With their combined powers, they sent the heroes back to their own dimension…



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