On the Edge of Ruin

Ashwood, Oregon

The Masks that Monsters Wear

Hipster zombies.
As if regular zombies weren’t bad enough, the heroes were dispatched to Oregon to deal with a small outbreak of zombies in the hipster community. Thankfully, they managed to nip the problem in the bud, keeping the damages small enough for the Hoffmann Institute to easily cover up.

Just before heading back to the Utah office, Saysha received a call from Art, saying that her 15-year High School reunion was approaching, and she should attend. Ashwood, Oregon is a known hotspot for occult activity, so the heroes embarked on a recon mission to Saysha’s hometown.

Investigating any leads, the team found some local rumors about a Moth-Man (Examination of the news articles shows that the perpetrator was actually a tweaked-out PSU student), as well as something sinister involving an old acquaintance, and enemy of Saysha’s, Becky Thorpe.

As it happens, it seems Becky had been targeted by a coven of local witches, sisters of the Chi Lambda Theta sorority at Portland State. Investigation of the sorority house and Becky’s apartment turned up all manner of occult knick-knacks. At this point, the team decided to take Becky to safety in the Hoffmann Institute offices.

Sven took charge of Becky’s safety, loading her in the car and driving her back to the Portland Office. However, before he reached the city proper, Becky underwent a terrifying transformation, attempting to drain the supernatural essence from him! Sven passed out, totalling Batiste’s 1967 Cutlass Supreme. Upon waking, he alerted the remainder of the team.

The rest of the team gathered in the CLT Sorority house and made preparations for battle. Batiste drove down to pick up Sven from the crash site, and returned to the Sorority house, sending Sven out to find Becky. Sneaking through the woods, he managed to ambush her, and with a powerful roundhouse kick to the back of the head, knocked her unconscious in one fell swoop.

During their stay, Batiste grew distant from the Loa, his ability to communicate somehow cut off. Upon returning to the Hoffmann Institute offices, Art managed to use a Superspace Triangulation Chamber to find the source of his communications. Further study of the inter-dimensional transmissions indicated some inability of Batiste to make a connection through Superspace, the problem lying somewhere in our dimension…



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