On the Edge of Ruin

Adventures in Superspace

Post-Apocalyptic Fun!

After tracking down Professor Angsar Slav, The Man-Handler, the heroes confronted him about his unethical experiments, and his strange philosophies. Demonstrating a kind of mental power before unheard of, the professor transported the party into another dimension, a post-apocalyptic wasteland the likes of which defies the imagination.

Upon arriving, the party was surprised to discover a Hoffman Institute Superspace Exploration Team already present, comprised of Art, Traxx, Horus, and Vincent. After arriving, their Institute vehicle was damaged and ransacked. The windshield was broken during a confrontation with a monstrous Bat/Scorpion/Lion hybrid which shot lasers from its eyes, the Superspace Isometric Phase Translocator was stolen by a group of humanoid raccoons, and, as luck would have it, the BT-600 Uranium Fuel Rod Assemble that powers the superspace jump burnt out.

First, the heroes went after the windshield for the Institute Humvee. On their way to Jerry Seiner Chevrolet in Salt Lake, they were caught up in a gunfight between a group of mutants, the Radioactivists, and the Knights of Genetic Purity. Siding with the Radioactivists, the heroes helped to turn the tide of battle.

In return for their assistance, the mutants exposed the heroes to “The Divine”, a horrifyingly irradiated underground chamber filled with sludge. However, the peculiarities of this world seem to have changed the interactions between living creatures and radiation. Instead of dying, the heroes developed fantastic mutations!

Continuing on towards the Chevrolet dealership, the heroes found a colony of Hoops had begun to squat there, and repair some of the old automobiles. Calling in a fake alert to the Knights of Genetic Purity, they instigated a battle between the two sides, leaving them free to recover a Hummer H1, and a ramshackle combat vehicle…



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