Test-Tube Super-Soldier


There’s an old saying, “They don’t make ’em like they used to.” And concerning Traxx, that’s very true.

The last of a trio of test-tube babies designed to be the ultimate soldiers, Traxx is a mountain of a man, standing at about 6’8", and easily tipping 400 pounds of thick slabs of muscle. Traxx is good-natured, if quick to anger, and an encyclopedia of knowledge about firearms. He walks with a slight, but noticeable limp from shrapnel injuries sustained on a mission earlier in his career, and is covered in scars.

These days, Traxx is head of security for the Hoffmann institute, and spends most of his time riding a desk, ambling slowly around the office.

But he still keeps his .950 Caliber JDJ mounted over his desk, just in case.


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