Saysha Oates (Killed In Action)

Park Ranger / Art Teacher / Homely Chick



Saysha Oates was born an only child in Ashwood Oregon in 1982. Her father, Taylor Oates was a local Preacher and she grew up with solid Christian values. Sarah Oates, Saysha’s mother worked part-time at a local greenhouse. Both Sarah and Taylor died in a car crash on New Year’s Eve in 2006. Saysha went to Salt Lake Community college 2004-2008 majoring in Art Education. After graduating in 2008 She went on the road for a year. She carried camping gear and spent most nights camped out under the stars. Her love for the outdoors and animals grew from a young age.

Most of her life Saysha was “on the outside.” Be it at school, at work, at play, she never gained traction among her peers. In high school she had a reputation as an “undesirable” (She was never even asked to senior prom.) She was even picked on by the cheer-team captain, Becky. (Saysha avoids high school reunions because of Becky. That is in fact why she left her hometown of Ashwood. After Becky publicly humiliated Saysha regarding her High school crush Bert Macklin.) Despite being a loner, Saysha had high morals, She was kind to the few friends she had and was always willing to help those in need.

Saysha joined the Hoffman Institute because you can’t unseen certain things. If there are truly things out there causing trouble, maybe helping others could bring purpose to her life, maybe she could be important.

On a mission for the Quantum Division she sustained injury and contracted a soul eating infection. She had to be put down by Legba (One of the Vodoo Loa.)

Saysha Oates (Killed In Action)

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