Infamous Assassin


Ability Scores

  • Str – 14
  • Dex – 12
  • Con – 10
  • Int – 10
  • Will – 10
  • Per – 04


  • Throwr10 – 24/12/6 (Increased Precision, Double Fire)
  • Bladesr4 – 18/9/4 (Reaction Parry)
  • Lockpickr2 – 14/7/3
  • Pickpocketr2 – 14/7/3
  • Hider1 – 13/6/3
  • Sneakr1 – 13/6/3
  • Italianr1 – 10/5/2
  • Spanishr1 – 10/5/2

Attack Forms

  • Throwing Knives: d4+2s/d4+2w/d4+3w (Base die: -d4)(Range: 14m -1; 28m +0; 58m +1)
  • Katana: d4+4w/d6+4w/d4+3m (Base die: +d0)(Range: Personal)

Hoffman Institute File #AG329

Agent Name: Information Redacted
Known Aliases: P.L.
Age: Information Redacted
Gender: Male
Height: Information Redacted
Weight Information Redacted
Mode of Contact: Information Redacted
Status: Active
Employment Date: 12/14/11
Specialty: Combat Specialist
Assignment: Quantum Division

Employment Information: Hoffman Institute Agent P.L. is currently under contract with the Hoffman Institute working in the Quantum Division. In turn for his services the Hoffman Institute helps keep his location and activities secret from the numerous enemies he has made throughout his career as a professional assassin. Contract expires 12/14/16

Known Affiliates: P.L. has done work for many crime organizations and private individuals all over the globe, his past employers include; The Mafia in Italy, The Tijuana Cartel in Mexico, and the D-Company in Northern India. The nature and precision of the work done by P.L. has left him with numerous enemies as well as connections.

WARNING The Agent known as “P.L.” does not play well with others. He is known to be extremely dangerous and should be considered armed and deadly. His loyalties lie with the highest bidder and all who work with him should proceed with caution. -Hoffman Institute Psychological Evaluation Team.

Associated Files
Hoffman Institute Quantum Activity Report
Mumbai Police Report 10-19-1990


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