On the Edge of Ruin


The Geriatric, Shambling Dead

While our heroes were having themselves a little R&R in Salt Lake City, a waitress at The Pie Pizzeria approached them, inquiring about some of their stranger conversations. It seemed she though some foul forces were afoot with her grandmother, at the Overview Pass Trailer Park, and she pleaded for the heroes’ help.

In an act of kindness, the heroes agreed, and investigated the park. Immaculately maintained, there was still an air of strangeness over the park. The elderly residents were all out and about, maintaining the lawns, wearing thick, dark sunglasses. A little snooping by the heroes turned up evidence of fraud… The park manager, Jeremy had all the Social Security checks from a large number of the residents.

Using foul necromantic magics infused into a mysterious amulet, Jeremy had killed and re-animated the elderly denizens of the trailer park, and put them to work, reaping the benefit of their social security checks. A brief battle broke out, in which the disgraced student Sven Bwaahh took his last living breath.

The mystery solved, the heroes reported back, and rushed Sven to the Hoffman Institute Hospital, hoping to save him. They could not save his life, but even in death, he still serves…



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