On the Edge of Ruin

Amongst the Loa
Soulless Marauders

Having located the origin of the superspace transmissions, the heroes geared up to investigate the source. Upon jumping, they were immediately mired in a corrupt swamp, and accosted by Papa Legba, who explained the situation. During one of his rituals, Batiste had managed to tear a small rift in Superspace, allowing an army of soulless marauders through. The Loa were powerless against these creatures, and several of the more prominent members were captured.

Setting off towards the source of the corruption, the heroes encountered a crocodile which had been corrupted by the soulless affliction. Saysha was nearly killed by the beast, but the infection proved too much for her, and she succumbed to her injuries under the care of Papa Legba.

Before long, the heroes located the captured Loa, under guard by a large number of Soulless creatures. Through precise administration of a rocket-propelled-grenade, Sven decimated their numbers, while Thomas Willard ran towards the captive Loa, freeing Agwe from his bonds, and helping to turn the tide of battle.

The Loa rescued, and the rifts sealed, things returned to normal in their world. With their combined powers, they sent the heroes back to their own dimension…

Ashwood, Oregon
The Masks that Monsters Wear

Hipster zombies.
As if regular zombies weren’t bad enough, the heroes were dispatched to Oregon to deal with a small outbreak of zombies in the hipster community. Thankfully, they managed to nip the problem in the bud, keeping the damages small enough for the Hoffmann Institute to easily cover up.

Just before heading back to the Utah office, Saysha received a call from Art, saying that her 15-year High School reunion was approaching, and she should attend. Ashwood, Oregon is a known hotspot for occult activity, so the heroes embarked on a recon mission to Saysha’s hometown.

Investigating any leads, the team found some local rumors about a Moth-Man (Examination of the news articles shows that the perpetrator was actually a tweaked-out PSU student), as well as something sinister involving an old acquaintance, and enemy of Saysha’s, Becky Thorpe.

As it happens, it seems Becky had been targeted by a coven of local witches, sisters of the Chi Lambda Theta sorority at Portland State. Investigation of the sorority house and Becky’s apartment turned up all manner of occult knick-knacks. At this point, the team decided to take Becky to safety in the Hoffmann Institute offices.

Sven took charge of Becky’s safety, loading her in the car and driving her back to the Portland Office. However, before he reached the city proper, Becky underwent a terrifying transformation, attempting to drain the supernatural essence from him! Sven passed out, totalling Batiste’s 1967 Cutlass Supreme. Upon waking, he alerted the remainder of the team.

The rest of the team gathered in the CLT Sorority house and made preparations for battle. Batiste drove down to pick up Sven from the crash site, and returned to the Sorority house, sending Sven out to find Becky. Sneaking through the woods, he managed to ambush her, and with a powerful roundhouse kick to the back of the head, knocked her unconscious in one fell swoop.

During their stay, Batiste grew distant from the Loa, his ability to communicate somehow cut off. Upon returning to the Hoffmann Institute offices, Art managed to use a Superspace Triangulation Chamber to find the source of his communications. Further study of the inter-dimensional transmissions indicated some inability of Batiste to make a connection through Superspace, the problem lying somewhere in our dimension…

Adventures in Superspace
Post-Apocalyptic Fun!

After tracking down Professor Angsar Slav, The Man-Handler, the heroes confronted him about his unethical experiments, and his strange philosophies. Demonstrating a kind of mental power before unheard of, the professor transported the party into another dimension, a post-apocalyptic wasteland the likes of which defies the imagination.

Upon arriving, the party was surprised to discover a Hoffman Institute Superspace Exploration Team already present, comprised of Art, Traxx, Horus, and Vincent. After arriving, their Institute vehicle was damaged and ransacked. The windshield was broken during a confrontation with a monstrous Bat/Scorpion/Lion hybrid which shot lasers from its eyes, the Superspace Isometric Phase Translocator was stolen by a group of humanoid raccoons, and, as luck would have it, the BT-600 Uranium Fuel Rod Assemble that powers the superspace jump burnt out.

First, the heroes went after the windshield for the Institute Humvee. On their way to Jerry Seiner Chevrolet in Salt Lake, they were caught up in a gunfight between a group of mutants, the Radioactivists, and the Knights of Genetic Purity. Siding with the Radioactivists, the heroes helped to turn the tide of battle.

In return for their assistance, the mutants exposed the heroes to “The Divine”, a horrifyingly irradiated underground chamber filled with sludge. However, the peculiarities of this world seem to have changed the interactions between living creatures and radiation. Instead of dying, the heroes developed fantastic mutations!

Continuing on towards the Chevrolet dealership, the heroes found a colony of Hoops had begun to squat there, and repair some of the old automobiles. Calling in a fake alert to the Knights of Genetic Purity, they instigated a battle between the two sides, leaving them free to recover a Hummer H1, and a ramshackle combat vehicle…

The Geriatric, Shambling Dead

While our heroes were having themselves a little R&R in Salt Lake City, a waitress at The Pie Pizzeria approached them, inquiring about some of their stranger conversations. It seemed she though some foul forces were afoot with her grandmother, at the Overview Pass Trailer Park, and she pleaded for the heroes’ help.

In an act of kindness, the heroes agreed, and investigated the park. Immaculately maintained, there was still an air of strangeness over the park. The elderly residents were all out and about, maintaining the lawns, wearing thick, dark sunglasses. A little snooping by the heroes turned up evidence of fraud… The park manager, Jeremy had all the Social Security checks from a large number of the residents.

Using foul necromantic magics infused into a mysterious amulet, Jeremy had killed and re-animated the elderly denizens of the trailer park, and put them to work, reaping the benefit of their social security checks. A brief battle broke out, in which the disgraced student Sven Bwaahh took his last living breath.

The mystery solved, the heroes reported back, and rushed Sven to the Hoffman Institute Hospital, hoping to save him. They could not save his life, but even in death, he still serves…


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